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ACM's official newsletter, Church Music Notes, is now available online in .pdf format. Please click on the month to view.*

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(*The newsletter requires the Adobe PDF Reader to view. If you do not already have an Adobe Reader installed on your computer, it can be downloaded here at no charge.)

Church Music Notes is published monthly and includes information about ACM programming, as well as other area events of interest to organists, church musicians, and church music enthusiasts. The newsletter also posts job openings, transitions, and reprinted articles from various sources. Church Music Notes welcomes content submissions, job postings and advertising, the deadline for which is the 15th of the month prior to publication. News and article submissions may be sent to:

Linda Warren, Editor
PO Box 1611
Madison, WI 53701-1611

or submitted by e-mail to linda.warren @

For job postings only, please submit information to linda.warren @ and ACM @

Advertisers can help underwrite the cost of publishing Church Music Notes. Reasonable advertising rates are available. Please contact the newsletter editor for more information. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.